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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWBA Jupiter 2011

A few of the folks that had been following this blog for a while called and/or wrote me and asked why I had stopped writing. Well other then a being busy with the Clippers program, much has happened in the last 6 months that has changed some of the things around me and my feeling toward the process.

At a later time I will dive into that, but for today, it's get ready to leave for Florida and the Perfect Game WWBA Championships. As my good friend Tom Rizzi from College Select Baseball wrote recently, this even is the "WOODSTOCK" of baseball. Fred Gallo, Head Coach at Iona Prep called it, "A Baseball junkies paradise". For me, it's the end of the season, the last chance for many guys to show their stuff before the early signing period and for others, it will be the last time we get to coach them.

The Clippers Coaching staff will be responsible for approximately 40 players on 2 teams. The PG-Clippers and the Northeast PG Maroon team. Both squads have a variety of talented players from the NY, NJ, CT and RI area as well as a players from North Carolina (They played for my son Joe this past summer), 1 from Alabama and 2 from California. This is a great chance for these guys to meet and become friends with other players from other regions but also the opportunity to experience a great event.

This tournament will feature almost 250-300 Pro Scouts as well as another 300-400 college recruiters from across the country all with open check books (Just a term as far as I know). We have had great success at this event both on the field and with kids getting recruited and pursuing their college baseball dreams. For all high school players, this event is a must if you can find a team to take you along.

I'll try to write as the weekend progresses but that's all for now...

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