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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Some Links ..

I have decided today to put some links together. Some of them are very important, some are very informative, some are interesting and all should be useful if you're a high school player, college player, parent of either or just a baseball fan. I spend time each week visiting most of these and some I visit daily for updated information about teams and players. There are many high school players from your hometown area playing college or minor league baseball and it's great to see how they are doing. That's is what most of you high school players are aspiring to do. So here goes !

NCAA - this is the official website of the NCAA
Eligibility Center -  Every high school player who intends to play in college must visit and fill out the forms to register. There is a fee associated with registering.
Division 1 Baseball -  Great site for finding information on Division 1 schools, schedules, conferences, and college summer leagues. It also has direct links to the individual schools websites. Great for coaches contact information
Division 2 Baseball - Contains all the information to follow Division 2 teams and conferences
Division 3 Baseball -  Up to date scores and write ups on the conferences and teams in Division 3.
National Junior College Aathletic Association Baseball -  This site should be viewed by all high school players since many if not most high school and summer coaches have much information on junior college baseball. The fact that within junior college baseball there are also multiple divisions.
NAIA Baseball - Along with junior college baseball, not many folks know that there is another organization that rivals the NCAA that is called the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). This organization has many member teams but remains independent because the schools do not support the number of teams that the NCAA requires. These schools give scholarships and play by their own governing rules
The High School Baseball Web Site -  A web site with as much information as you can handle. The forums are a great place to ask questions or research questions you may have. It is a group of parents and players who have all been where you are now. Best of all, it's free
Perfect Game USA - The premier scouting website. Tournament information, showcase information, player rankings, draft rankings and plenty of information to research regarding high school, college and professional players. Access to areas is by subscription
Baseball America - Subscription required just as you would buy the magazine
Minor League Baseball - Official site of Minor League Baseball. Links to team information, player information and player statistics and team schedules
Major League Baseball - Official site of Major League Baseball. Up to date news and links to individual teams, schedule, transactions and plenty more.
Boyds World - The one site to find all kinds of statistical data related to college baseball, RPI, Strength of Schedule and much more if your into numbers and rankings. Free Site
Warren Nolan - Another site similar to Boyds. Free Site

I think thats enough for now. The next Blogs of links will be about summer collegiate teams/leagues, high school summer teams, leagues and tournaments but we'll leave that for another day.
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